19th Century: Relationship Between Religion And Politics

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The relationship between religion and politics has displayed itself through the process of the presence of humanity and religion has caused deep rooted changes in the structure of politics since it appeared and so has politics affected the religion regarding its change and transformation. The relationship between religion and politics has been related to humanity individually, socially, and in terms of class-division and has been deeply affected their lives. Political Islam has been formed in the context of political and social problems and developments of that period, on the basis of deep historical background of Islam. In the 19th Century, with the increasing relationship between the Islamic society and Western society and the crushing of …show more content…
The idea of reformism came into existence against the Western colonial powers and technological superiority. They saw the orthodox practice of Islam such as Sufism as the reason of falling behind the Western world. Therefore they argued that Muslims should practice their religion as it was practiced in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Salafi school of thought emerged with their ideologies. Salafism influenced other political thinkers such as Hasan al-Benna in Egypt. Hasan al-Benna was a primary school teacher and lived in the Suez Canal area where there was a large English influence among people of Egypt. He formed the Muslim Bortherhood in 1929 to save Muslims, especially young Muslims from the western influence. This movement became famous in Egypt changed its mission to save Egypt from English colonialism and form a state ruled by the laws of Sharia. The ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood spread around the Muslim World especially in the Middle East states which were experiencing the same kind of problems at that time. The Muslim Brotherhood movement became the foundation of Political Islam and took a different shape in different countries. (Best, A. et al.,

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