The Relationship Between Race-Ethnicity And The Discrimence Of Crime And Crime

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In the United States race plays a major part in society today. We live in a world where we are judge because, of the color of our skin and not our character or the person that we are in the inside instead, of what shows on the outside. African Americans are born into a world where they are judge when they are first born because of the color of their skin. I will be answering the question what is the relationship between race-ethnicity and the likelihood of being arrested? Is there a difference between the two?
Review Of Prior Research

D’Alesio and Stolzenberg (2003). Use 1999 data from the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) they exam a possible link between a reported incident of crime and a subsequent arrest. They find that
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The relationship between my dependent variable and my independent variable shows that 20.7 % whites were picked up and charged by police 23.6% of blacks and 22.6 % was other race that were reported in the study were picked up or charged by police. The study want to show were there a difference people getting arrested and the reason of the arrest was their justification or was it just because the color of someone skin. I expected to find in this study that more African Americans were likely to be picked up or charged by police than white Americans in the United States. The relationship between the two findings exists because there was others in the data that was ask the question instead of white and black race.
Data and methods In 2012 the number of cases reported in the GSS system was recorded as 1748. The dependent variable in the study is arrest and the independent variable is race in this study. Americans were ask have they ever been picked up or charged by police. The operational measure in the GSS study for arrest was coded as arrest and the operational measure for race was coded as race respondent. The GSS variable was recorded using the crosstab between the two variables to get the outcome between the two variables.
Analysis and
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The independent variable race had not effect on the dependent variable. It shows that arrest have no connection on race in the study. Individuals wasn’t been picked up by the color of their skin which I expected different in the mindset of society. The study had no difference between the two. There is not a race problem that is being reported in this study, it does not show any discrimination between the two variables in the crosstabs. In the study the Chi Square shows that there was no statistically difference between race and the likelihood of being arrested. They degree of freedom is 2 in the Chi Square and the p-values

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