The Relationship Between Privacy, Security And Individual Freedom

2181 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
The question of the relationship between privacy, security and individual freedom is one the oldest, and almost most continually controversial topics of contemporary discussion. Technology has now progressed to a such a degree whereby it is technically possible to gain access to almost all of a person 's personal information and to monitor almost their every move. The idea of national and personal security is often used as a justification for such monitoring as and when it occurs, even if such acts appear to compromize the very personal freedoms which they justify themselves by claiming to defend. This issue has most obviously come to the forefront of public consciousness with the case of Edward Snowden who 's, technically criminal, actions NSA surveillance and who has both lauded as a hero of privacy and personal freedom and denounced as a traitor to his country. While less high profile, the case of Tim Cook, a person who refused to develop software to access an I-Phone that would allow investigative agencies to crack each and every phone in the country. A consideration of these actions is crucial if one is to understand one of the most important moral issues in contemporary world. In order to understand whether these actions were right or wrong, it is necessary to understand within both the context of modern international relations, and within the context of American history and ideology. If one does this, then it is clear that both Snowden and Cook should be seen as…

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