The Relationship Between Law And Ethics Essay

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Resource A introduces and briefly discusses the relationship between Law and Ethics. How law and ethics are perceived in society is not as black and white as it may seem. Something that is legal is not always ethical and vice versa. This resource discusses the definition of Ethics, coming from the Greek word ethos (character) and from the Latin word mores (customs), ultimately meaning how individuals choose to cooperate with on and other within society today. Law and ethics are related but this is only to a certain degree. A lot of the time what may be considered ethical is not actually lawful. People’s opinions and perspective on what they consider to be ethical often varies which is where the relationship between law and ethics becomes blurred. Ethical responsibilities can also exceed the law like how lying is considered to be unethical but not illegal. However, the law also can exceed ethical responsibilities like how speeding is illegal but is not always unethical.

It is clear that that resource A is demonstrating an understanding that the relationship between Law and Ethics is not always as clear as society expects it to be. I think it is common to often think that there are these rules and laws put in place because of ethics. However, what is often dismissed is the fact that people’s opinions of what is and is not ethical often changes due to a number of different factors. What I consider to be ethical someone living in France may not. I think there is an obvious link…

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