The Relationship Between Dr Stockman And His Brother There Conflict

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The enemy of the people focuses on the relationship between dr stockman and his brother there conflict , however a more important issue of the pollution of the baths seems to take a back ground position. Just as in the play today 's society debate and unimaginably deny climate change , we deny the effects of humans and or negative impact on the planet, we are a destructive force of nature because we do not work as a group or one global conscience that regulates or waste and works to being more efficient at preserving our environment . as nations different laws are put in place and the inconsistent protection of the environment creates a domino effect that cancels out what other nations try to do to preserve the environment. I believe the the planet is slowly being polluted, we put chemicals into the food we eat , we genetically modify the animals, we destroy habitats to build progress, we live the lie that what we do as individuals to the planet is inconsequential but if every pollutes we all become destroyers of the planet.
Water is all around us, most of the planet is covered in water, and we have been using or oceans to dump or garbage and toxic waste for years , we kill the fish and pollute or limited supply of freshwater , growing up on an island water desalinated due to annual droughts and limited fresh water was a part of survival. Most of the fresh water around the world require complex and expensive water treatment. Water pollution is considered the contamination…

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