The Relationship Between Comedy And Society Essay

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Although there is an abundant amount of evidence that P&R is feminist within the text, another area that needs to be understood is the industry. P&R is undeniably sitcom, but this doesn 't take away from its value in potential social change. In fact, the relationship between comedy and society is something valued highly amongst those in the sitcom industry (Mills 64). P&R takes advantage of TV as a cultural forum, “the notion that TV shows gravitate toward issues we care about (Thompson 204). The issue it uses: sexism. Because P&R is comical, it is much easier to watch than, for example, a documentary on the harsh mistreatment of women around the world. Because P&R is funny with it’s use of feminism, the show gets to push messages through memorable punchlines. When comedy is introduced to what can be difficult discussions, there is that sense of comic relief and the conversations are much easier to have or form a general understanding of. This is where P&R continues to be a stepping stone into further feminist subjects. Comedy is also a valuable product, and this is shown by the rate at which comedy DVDs sell at higher rates than other television genres (Mills 67). Because this is true, channels will likely invest in comedic-programming- even when it has feminist or political overtones like P&R does.
Although the sitcom attribute of P&R is important, it cannot be ignored that the show is shot in a mockumentary style. Mockumentary style, made popular by BBC’s The Office, is…

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