Essay on The Relationship Between Attitudes And Behaviors

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Environmental conservation as a topic of discourse is receiving more attention as the effects humans have on the planet are growing more apparent. Growing alongside this is the need for people to participate in conservation practices, and the need for social scientists to understand what causes people to enact environmentally friendly behaviors. Much research has been done on the topic of the relationship between attitudes and behaviors (Dunlap and Van Liere 1978; Scott and Willitis 1994; Tarrant and Cordell 1997). However, the correlation between attitudes and behaviors was weak. In the search for more concrete answers, scholars started examining the relationship between identity and behaviors (Stets and Burke 1996; Davidson and Freudenburg 1996; Stets and Biga 2003; Kashima, Paladino, and Margetts 2014). Identity is constantly being created and re-created as individuals maneuver through daily life--it is reflexive and dynamic (Stets and Burke 1996; Stets and Biga 2003). A major component of a person’s identity is their gender identity. Social beliefs and norms are attached to the notion of femininity/masculinity and shape how we interpret and “do” gender (Cornwall 2009). How someone sees himself strongly influences how they will act. If we take identity theory and apply it to the issue of climate change then a person’s self-perceived identity would potentially greatly affect their participation in conservation practices along with what they believe about global warming.…

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