The Rehabilitation Facility At Gouverneur Correctional Facility

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I will never forget the advice and life lessons I received from the the prisoners. Overall, the visit to Gouverneur Correctional Facility was unforgettable and extremely humbling. As we arrived to the prison we checked in and were escorted into a side room where we got a general overview of what the day would consist of by a pair of the correctional officers. We were shown some of the injuries that occurred and some of the weapons that were found at the prison. The injuries were especially disturbing, many of the images displayed prisoners with their faces shredded, there was even a picture of a prisoner’s thumbs that had been cut off. After being prepped by the correctional officers we were escorted to the room where the seven prisoners were, in the room we were accompanied by two correctional officers, a person who worked at the school in the prison, and a person who worked in the vocational department at the prison. The prisoners we lined up in chairs, they were dressed in their green jumpsuits, and they were completely unrestrained. It was shocking to see the prisoners unrestrained because they could have easily overtaken the two correctional officers in the room, but they made no effort to try to escape. Each prisoner introduced themselves and then said what crime they had committed, the crimes ranged from manslaughter to robbery. After a question and answer session with the prisoners we got to eat lunch with the prisoners.It was interesting listening to all the…

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