The Regulation Of Medicaid And Its Impact On The Economy Of The Nation

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Issues debated and discussed in the political arena has a huge impact in various sectors of the economy of the nation. The political season is here again and there is a lot of hot topics from taxes, immigration, and health care insurance etcetera. One of these issues in question is the regulation of Medicaid. This paper will attempt to discuss; the issue statement of this problem, the background of the issue, the stakeholders involved, proposed options and remedies, opposing arguments, recommendations and the action plan in solving this various issues of Medicaid.
Issue Statement Medicaid has been providing medical coverage and health care insurance for low-income population and disable individuals since its inception in 1965. It is predominantly the source of health insurance and financier of long-term care and services for the elderly and people with disabilities. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, the coverage for Medicaid has expended vastly and this has put burden on various states as they are expected to expand their part in Medicaid cost and administration.
Currently, there are 28 states that has separate lawsuit against the federal government about forcing them to expand their segment of the coverage. The states argument is that, the “expansion of the social safety net unconstitutionally will coerce state governments” (Mears, 2012). Both sides of the issue agree that the decision by the courts will be vital in the coming years. This can have a…

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