The Regency Grand Hotel Essay

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1. Introduction
There are some significant challenges in managing the workplace in changing business environment. The workplace environment becomes more complex in which the complexity of interactions, relationships and processes often makes difficult to understand. In the organization, managers are required to be effective in organizing, decisive, and maintain good relationship with employees (Kimball 1997). In this report, the practice of empowerment is analysed as the new management enforce the capacity of employees to make choices and decisions into actions. However, there are situations where employees feel uncomfortable with the change in management. Mostly, people do not accept and understand the benefits in changing the
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Ongori (2009) also stated that these factors will lead to slow down the service delivery to customers as customer is one of the most critical external factors that affecting the organization’s reputation at large.

There is another perception of employees which employees may sense that managers may hand over all the responsibility and accountability for decision making and yet employees may get punished for failures and mistakes. In this case, there is lack of proper communication and information between manager and employees. More additionally, people throughout the organization may have different cultural backgrounds, skills, age and gender (Holden 2001). These factors also need to be considered as to be the most critical issue in communication. In the case of Regency Grand Hotel, John Becker, a new general manager, has good amount of experience working with American hotels, however John Becker seems unfamiliar with the different culture and way of doing things in Thailand. Most of the cases prove that it takes amount of time and work which people can feel whether they have truly understood one another’s culture (McDonald, Coulthard & Lange 2006). These factors are taken into consideration in the leadership style and actions of management.
Leaders are expected to have ability to adapt in changing situations and also shape the organization’s culture (Ongori 2009). In the case, John Becker’s leadership

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