Essay about The Reformation Of The New England

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King Henry VIII had left the Church of Rome, and thus formed the Church of England. However, many English Calvinists believed that the Church of England needed to be more reformed. This group of Calvinists devised a Protestant movement, called Puritanism, that sought out to purify the Church by removing all Catholic influence. With this intention, the Puritans repeatedly asked King James to grant more reforms, but he felt that the Puritans threatened his authority, for that reason he rejected most of their ideas. Nevertheless, the Puritans continued to oppose royal authority. With regard to the Puritans, King Charles dissolved the parliament, then he could rule alone. Consequently, Puritans experienced alienated and persecuted. This led the Puritans to escape to the New World. There they had the opportunity to create their own colonies with religious freedom. The Puritans established their community as a theocracy, making religion the number one priority. Their ideals and values influenced the development of the New England colonies politically, socially, and economically.
Due to the Puritans’ values, religion heavily affected New England politics. At the time, a group of Puritans fled to the New World and established the Massachusetts Bay Colony, a colonial government in New England. There, the Puritans could create a government that would revolve around their covenant with God. While traveling to the New World, John Winthrop, governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, led a…

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