Essay about The Reformation Of England And Germany

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Throughout history, religion has acquired great triumphs along with many hardships. It’s greatest adversity was ignited by opposition. During the 16th century there was a prevailing struggle between religion, politics, and society that created a divide in Catholic Europe. Leaders with power and knowledge began to question the church’s power. A conflict of opinion was occurring because there were too many and not enough compromises. Reformation was inevitable, all the people needed was a person to follow. When comparing and contrasting the causes and results of the reformation in England and Germany there is a pattern that both follow which is change for a bigger picture. During this time period England’s people was filled with resentment towards the church due to its past actions. Harmony within England during the 16th century did not exist because of the numerous failed attempts by the church to create a change for the people. The pedestal church officials were put on was demolished, they were known as unreliable individuals. In a book by McKay and colleagues (2011) the people of England wanted reforms in institutions, progress education and behavior of clericals, along with the adjustments in the doctrines. The clergy were viewed as greedy, corrupt, ignorant, and abused alcohol (McKay et al., 2011). Complaints did nothing for the reformation, but instead Martin Luther was going to lead the change. Martin Luther was intelligent, religious, and with his own opinions about…

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