Poem Analysis: Iambic Vs. Non-Stressed Bikes

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In this revision of my poem worksheets there have been more additions than subtractions. Originally I was planning to remove some of the less relevant paragraphs to make the worksheets closer to the word count. However upon rereading the worksheets I found it difficult to pinpoint what parts was more curial than others. To me they are all important elements that make up a detailed picture of what the meaning of the poem is. Yet others might look at this work and quickly pinpoint which parts are not necessary and remove it immediately. Perhaps I’m more reluctant to remove anything because I’m aware of how much time it took to come up with the work I had already done and to get rid of it would be a waste. Its one thing to be aware of personal …show more content…
I’m now capable of recognising the number of feet in a line and I know the difference between is iambic and trochaic metre. Yet I’m still very uncertain when it comes to telling the difference between a stressed and non-stressed beats. In my poetry analysis assignment I marked the meter out on my poem sheet at least four times yet I still did it incorrectly. I think the reason I have trouble with this is because I sound out the syllables both stressed and no stressed beats and both sound like they fit. Even now I find marking out beats confusing. It can be quite frustrating to the point that I give up in a huff and argue that how it’s marked out is completely arbitrary and it’s impossible to get it right. Of course I know this is false and a petty thing to do. Being able to correctly identify stressed and non-stressed beats is simply a matter of …show more content…
Some were silly mistakes and were easily fixed. For example, I referred to Frost’s poem as a sonnet; after countless weeks of learning about the sonnet, that was obviously wrong! Others I had to think about to fix, such as the request for an elaboration why I used the word cold to associate with the word “moor” in Bronte’s poem. Hopefully now I have conveyed my interpretation more clearly. Despite all my insecurities about adequately analysing the technical elements of the poetry am quite confident with my analysis of the overall meaning of the poem. Perhaps this s because I have had a lot of practice analysing the meaning behind other texts (novels, short stories films, philosophical essays etc) throughout my education. I found it quite easy to transfer these skills to analysing these poems. After all most of the concepts in this course are very new to me and the majority of them are specifically for poetry, epically

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