The Reflection Of A Persuasive I Speech

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At the beginning of the semester, I was terrified of this public speaking class. I mentally prepared myself to accept that fact that achieving a good grade in this class was impossible. I just knew that I would not be good at this one class. I had flashbacks of my high school graduation and the terrifying practices in order to speak a five sentence ceremonial speech. Through this class, I was able to overcome any feelings of anxiety about speaking in front of others and learned how to create strong speeches with the knowledge of speechwriting, delivery, argumentation, and analysis. However, certain aspects of delivery I need to still work on. These aspects include features such as my movement, posture, tone, and facial expressions. Relating to the speechwriting aspect of public speaking, I …show more content…
With my two persuasive speeches, I was very good at finding valid and supporting sources that helped prove my thesis. However, I did not use any professional journals, and could have benefited from going beyond the basic sources to more scientific data. With the “Persuasive I Speech”, my quality and variety of arguments was very good considering the fact that I used three different reasoning processes to persuade my audience then followed the argument with supporting evidence. Also, I did not use any sort of traditions or assumptions to back my argument through knowledge gained in this class. I started my speech writing process for Persuasive I speech the same way that I did all my other speeches. I would create a topic and then research supporting data to back my topic. Then, I open Microsoft Word and basically free write my speech adding in the researched evidence I found when needed. Once I did that, I would leave the speech alone and come back and edit the next couple of days to get the wording

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