The Red Tide Effect On The American Revolution

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The Red Tide Effect on the American Revolution Leading to the Civil War

The United States, A nation created by citizens that wanted a better life is also the same nation that divided itself .Resulting in it never fully becoming reunited. Yet this nation has a rich history because of this separation were independence and willpower overturned. One knows the stories about George Washington sailing the Delaware at night or Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Yet there are Hidden story’s told that are more interesting. These tales of adventure, sadness, death and oppression come from the Native Americans, Who lived here on this continent before and the white or black man arrived. Before even the Revolution there has always been fighting between
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However , there is another reason one could see the settlers wanted to go to war .Throughout history when a country wins a war they normally reserve lane of some kind . Back in their time the Native Americans still had much of the land that the settlers wanted to expand not only did the settlers want freedom from England ; they wanted to get rid of the Indians so they could expand more.The Native Americans realized this and were prepared to fight back in any way . One has to remember when settlers took land normally the Indians were not treated well.“The Indians were totally deprived of their freedom , put into the harshest,fiercest most horrible servitude and captivity…and this was the freedom , the good treatment, and this Christianity the Indians received”(as cited in crash course us history #1).one can see why the Indians wanted to fight back , this land was their home and they wanted to keep it that way . The American revolution brought out great Native American leaders that were unforgettable in every way.One of the great leaders of the revolution was Tecumseh .In the American revolution, Tecumseh not only sided with the British because they promised to give the land back to the native Americans ,but Tecumseh also wanted to build a huge army with all the tribes to fight back gained the white settlers .Tecumseh was strong and fearless; he was truly the definition of the American spirit. In our society, we are forCheney in our society to have a record of his speech.Not only did he rally the different tribes together ,but showed the country how brave and carries theNative Americans were.”Brothers --- The white man are not friends to the Indians:at first, they only asked for land sufficient for a wigwam; now our hunting grounds ,from the rising to the setting sun”(as cited in

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