The Red Tide Effect On The American Revolution Essay

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The Red Tide Effect on the American Revolution Leading to the Civil War

The United States, A nation created by citizens that wanted a better life is also the same nation that divided itself .Resulting in it never fully becoming reunited. Yet this nation has a rich history because of this separation were independence and willpower overturned. One knows the stories about George Washington sailing the Delaware at night or Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Yet there are Hidden story’s told that are more interesting. These tales of adventure, sadness, death and oppression come from the Native Americans, Who lived here on this continent before and the white or black man arrived. Before even the Revolution there has always been fighting between the Native tribes themselves and between the settlers and Native. Along these lines, one can agree that not only did the settlers go to war because of Britain but The Native Americans were also another reason. Later also being a huge impact on the civil war. The Native Americans had just as an impact on the revolution and civil war as any other, without them both would have come out very differently then what we know today. Before the revolution even begin There were conflicts with the native Americans and the white settlers.When settlers arrived natives had different views on what to do with the land then the settlers. They believed that you could use it but not own it , settlers saw land as profit.As Black Hawk, a, a leader of…

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