Essay on The Red Scare Of Joseph Mccarthy

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In the 1950s, with World War II being fought and communistic countries emerging,
Americans feared that their government would be taken over by communists. This fear goes down in history as the Red Scare. Americans wanted to know that they would be protected from a communist takeover. One man saw this weakness in the American population as a way to gain personal power. This man 's power trip is now referred to as the McCarthy Era, an era full of witch hunts and lies. Joseph McCarthy allowed his own fear and desire for power to take precedence by victimizing others through communist a on m or er to sustain his position as an American politician. Joseph Raymond McCarthy was born on November 14, 1908 in Appleton, Wisconsin.
His mother, Bridget Tierney, came from County Tipperary, Ireland. As for his father, Timothy
McCarthy, he had been born in America but had both Irish and German heritage. Joseph was the fifth of nine children born into his family. While his family may not have been rich, they had just enough to get them by. Joseph 's parents believediin a strong Roman Catholic upbringing and strived to raise their children to be good members of society. Like most children, the young Joseph McCarthy attended elementary school. He learned the basics of education and proved to be a decent student. For short time, he attended junior high school, but dropped out to work at a grocery store (Si…

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