Essay on The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich

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In the short story, The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich, we are introduced to two brothers by the name of Lyman and Henry. The story takes place in North Dakota on an Indian Reservation where the two brothers and their family both live. Throughout the story we are introduced to two main symbols such as The red convertible car and the red river which impacts the two brothers journey. The Journey in which the both brothers part take in, brings us through their quest or also known as their happy times, the Vietnam war years, and finally the post war period. During the two brothers quest: happy times, they were at their best moment as one. Lyman from a young age loved the idea of working and making not only his own money, but moving up on the scale to being able to own his own business. Henry being the older brother did not have it as lucky as Lyman or much to accomplish like him, until that one day when they both stumble upon the red convertible car which would change everything. After the purchase of the red convertible car the brothers where now inseparable, they now had something, both of them can enjoy doing together, which was travel . The red convertible car was not only their means of transportation but the red symbolized the blood bond between brothers and it allowed them to experience their freedom that stands way beyond the reservation on which they live it gave them a sense of peace and happiness for example when Lyman describes the perfect…

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