The Red Concrete Block Home Essay

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It was late afternoon, as we gathered into the grey concrete-block home. Using the only light that peaked through the small openings on opposite sides of the room, we began to remove the gently worn tennis shoes from the thick dark green military-styled bags. On the dull floors, a few other members began to separate the piles by sections, Men, Women and Children, then by size.
In orderly fashion, each local woman stepped in, scanned the floor, then happily grabbed a pair before exiting. Coming from overseas, we could only carry enough to provide one pair per family in the small town of Barassa. Each time a woman entered the dimly lit room, I wondered if she would choose a pair for her child, which child, her self, or her husband.

As the children shoes began to dwindle away, the women sizes followed. The line and crowd outside diminished with only a few local women remaining. One by one, the last few women entered the room, but this time exited empty handed. Our leader Roy, who’s visited Haiti three times a year for over 20 years, stepped aside to speak with his local friend to find out what was going on. When he returned, he gathered us to explain that we’d brought way too many men’s shoes, but not enough for the women and children. The mood in the room instantly grew dismal- we felt like we let the town down. However, as we were about to discover, the atmosphere beyond our quarters was quite different.

Exiting the home, as we moved closer towards the front door, the…

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