The Red Badge Of Courage Essay

1027 Words Nov 30th, 2015 null Page
The Red Badge of Courage means blood wounds of soldiers from the civil war that represents the soldier’s bravery during battles. In the beginning of any war soldiers fight for different reasons, but in the end every single solider fights for one single purpose, to keep each other save and to protect what they love. The Red Badge of Courage takes us to the hardships of the soldiers throughout the battles during the Civil War and how they overcome their own personal challenges. Especially, when it come to the identity of Henry and his views of battle. Henry young and clueless of the actual reality of war enlisted in the army expecting to become a great warrior and find glory like the Greek warriors the moment he stepped foot into the army camp. Henry’s expectations changed as soon as he fought in his first battle. For the first time Henry’s division moved and he found himself fighting in battle for the first time. The enemy attacked for the second time and Henry was exhausted from the first attack and he saw how soldiers one after other ran away he decided to run away in fear. Henry heard that his division won the battle, and he’s happy for a moment but, angry with himself that he ran because he didn’t think that they army would win. Feeling like a coward he headed back to his division. Henry saw soldiers started to retreat and when he asked a solider why they were retreating the solider accidently hit Henry in the head with his gun, but Henry decided it would be easier for…

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