The Red Badge Of Courage Essay

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soldiers get scared in The Red Badge of Courage, but learning that others are scared to fight brings Henry a new found drive in fighting: hate. He hates the enemy, he wants to fight, and Henry aims to win. Courage can always be found in the strangest for these soldiers whether in letters or a photo because this is the reality that drives them to return home. Courage is not always an easy thing to come by, especially in war, and Crane does an amazing job depicting this in the realest sense possible. However, having fear is different than not having courage and Crane throws this throughout The Red Badge of Courage. A soldier can be the most courageous person in the entire civil war and walk right up and face the enemy, but still be afraid for his life, leaving his family, etc. As professor James Cox points out, “…he [Henry] is astonished when, at the threshold of battle, Wilson, the outwardly brave and loud soldier, sobbingly announces his belief that he is to die and gives Henry a packet of letters to be sent home.” Fear is something that is shown in all of the soldiers because most of these guys are new at fighting and this is their first ever battle and they don’t know what to expect besides the romantic war stories they had heard from other soldiers. Courage tends to be shown through brave acts like Henry taking the American flag when it was dropped and leading his regiment into battle. According to Philip Biedler, a literary professor at the University of Alabama, “The…

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