The Receiver Of Memory In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry is a utopian novel. It follows the story of Jonas, who receives the community’s most honourable job of Receiver of Memory. The Receiver of Memory gets access to memories of how the world was prior to the Sameness regime which now governs the community. After seeing how the world was previously, Jonas starts to second guess and abandon the totalitarian-like rules of Sameness. In the end Jonas leaves the community with a baby called Gabe, with whom he has a special connection. This essay will discuss Jonas, Jonas’ Father and Asher and how they are all controlled and manipulated by the rules of sameness, which are implemented by the Elders.

Before Jonas becomes the new Receiver of Memory, he is controlled and manipulated
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Brainwashing of the community causes Jonas’ Father to do things that we see as wrong, or inhumane. However, he sees these things as perfectly normal because he is told that they are. He has no emotion or any understanding of the value of life. When Jonas’ Father ‘releases’ (kills) the lighter twin, he acts very blasé about killing a child because he has no feelings about what he’s doing. For him it is a regular part of his job and because of the control that the Elders have over him he does it without question. This shows how effective the rules are at controlling Jonas’ Father’s behaviour so that he can kill babies without a second thought. These manipulative rules of sameness are the reason that Jonas’ Father does the wrong thing and shows how well the Elders control …show more content…
Asher is a perfect example of how people can be manipulated by others. As he is absolutely clueless about the immoral nature of the rules of the community. This cluelessness is caused by the manipulative and totalitarian-like manner by which the Elders run the community. Asher doesn’t question rules or disobey them because he knows that consequences follow. For example, the Threes are taught to use precision of language. When Asher was a three, he got smacked with a ‘discipline wand’, similar to a cane, for using the incorrect word. During The Ceremony of Twelves, when this was bought up, Asher laughed! This shows how controlled he is by the Elders to think that smacking children is funny, not wrong. This also symbolises how the Elders use physical punishment to control people. Asher’s obliviousness to the immoral rules is a direct result of the way that he is controlled by the

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