Lincoln Douglas Debates 1858: Fort Sumter Battle 1861

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Lincoln Douglas Debates 1858: Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky which is known to be a slave state. Reading made him very smart and later became a lawyer and a political leader. Later on in his career he started running for president with a specific end goal to improve the nation. In 1858, Lincoln ran for Senate in Illinois against a great politician Stephen Douglas. They debated so people could take in each other 's thoughts. Douglas wanted popular sovereignty for the states. Douglas also believed that slavery was not wrong but very useful. However, Lincoln believed slavery was evil, but he did not support abolition. Lincoln debated over how slavery was evil and should be decreased. After the debating back and forth, Lincoln lost the argument, but the debates made him famous …show more content…
Fort Sumter is on an island in South Carolina and the primary intention was to protect the Charleston Harbor. I believe that the The Fort Sumter Battle is the most essential because it was known as the first battle that sparked the Civil War. The reason for this battle was because numerous southern states had left the Union to create their own. Many southern states including, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, and Florida had left the Union and created their own. As time went on, they made their own particular type of government was made called the Confederacy alongside their own particular type of armed force. Lincoln was not very happy about the situation of them leaving the Union. Be that as it may, when Lincoln heard the fight he quickly send his men down there to battle. Lincoln anticipated that the war would be genuinely little and will end in a matter of seconds. Nonetheless, that was not the situation. It wound up kept going four years and around two million men. At this point, Lincoln knew that the best way to end this hatred between the two would be two fight it

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