Essay on The Reasoning And Position Of Agamemnon

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Let’s look at the reasoning and position of Achilleus substantively different from the line of reasoning and position of Agamemnon: Regarding the issue with right to claim a prize we can see that both parties Agamemnon and Achilleus have different views of reasoning. Agamemnon claims he has the right to claim Achilleus prize but at the same time Achilles said no he has no right to claim his prize let’s look at Nestor (King of Pylos and the oldest Greek commander) responds in trying to settle the conflict between two men. According to the book Nestor said that Agamemnon should return Briseis to Achilles is prize and Achilles should respect Agamemnon. What I do understand is that the rage between men is as a result of pride. Agamemnon is angry for what he see has a challenge of authority. He his angry at Calchas for saying that is the cause of the plague. Rather than acknowledge his mistake, Agamemnon demands compensation for what should not have been his own in the first place. Agamemnon knows what must be done for the sake the army of Greek, but demands recognition as a king. Achilleus, wants his status of the greatest warrior among the Greek. Agamemnon taking Briseis is not humiliating because he has kind of romantic attachment to her. It is kind of humiliating because she was a prize to Achilles by Agamemnon. Agamemnon taking her away he violates the rule of respect and honorable conduct by dishonouring Achilleus and devalue him as the greatest warrior. This is…

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