Essay about The Reality Of Television Programs

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Television programs today are not what they were twenty to thirty years ago. Evening television several years ago used to promote good clean family entertainment, with at times references to typical family issues, teenage troubles, and bringing to lite current society concerns. However, with the change in the times family television airtime has taken a turn in a different direction and has promoted a change in society by the overabundance of loathsome reality television.
Reality television programs have experienced speculation that the participants themselves are involved in deception, performing storylines that are outlined prior by those manufacturing the programs. It is as if these people on these programs experiment with what they are saying in attempts to gain popularity in society. These reality stars seemingly understand how to make money without working in a suitable productive career, that requires gaining a formal education and instead choose to become an artificial reality star. The blueprint for a marketable reality show is for real life people to try to act preposterously by expelling inappropriate behaviors, the more outlandish the behavior the more the creators of the shows promote this idiocracy.
Throughout recent years, television programs have emphasized more on reality television rather than the old family orientated shows. The problem with programs today is that they display profanity, lack morals, and present constant bickering as well at times…

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