The Reality Of Oj Simpson 's Trial Essay

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The reality of OJ Simpson’s Trial Present to Mr. Hyatt
Presented by Aiyana Barnes

O.J. Simpson was convicted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. There are three crucial factors with the evidence against him. First, the L.A.P.D. has been proven corrupt and racially biased. Second, the evidence, including blood samples, and the glove from the scene of the crime. Third, the juries from during the trial were all mainly African American, so they began to have a race issue. The Simpson trial demonstrated racial attitudes on issues such as law enforcement that still exists in our country. It may be that, more than anything, that the trial will be remembered because of the racism. But it also had other effects. It created a greater awareness of domestic violence issues and, showed others how not to run a criminal trial, which slowed the trend toward the use of cameras in courtrooms, and created a new type of relevant journalism that still takes place today. ("The Trial of O. J. Simpson." The Trial of O. J. Simpson) Everyone has their own implication of how the verdict should continue if the evidence fits, he is guilty if the evidence does not fit he will be found not guilty!
Now not everybody knows who OJ, Orenthal James Simpson, is he is a retired 2 time All American running back for USC who once had nickname "the Juice”, and also went to the NFL to play for the Buffalo Bills, then eventually got traded to the 49ers. The trade did not last that long because he ended…

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