The Reality Behind The Racism Within America Essay

764 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Kevin Powell describes African American stories, experiences and well-known characters in order to cast light on the long standing racism within America and to develop answers for this major social issue. The essay presents a history of America, its relationship with present and past African American lives, and three major opportunities the nation faced to confront and end systemic racism. Powell deeply dives into an analysis of the reality behind the racism within America to promote awareness and instigate proactive dialog surrounding the topic; specifically amongst the White American community, in hopes to finally end the silenced oppression bred by their ancestors.

Powell begins by addressing the label “n-----” amongst the black community and how it reinforces “a certain type of mentality born of racial oppression, self-hatred, confusion, of ignorance” (Powell). Slavery is addressed as a force which developed and enriched Europe and America (Powell), but for the price of arduous assimilation, where “ancestors were brutalized by a diabolical scheme to bend and bomb any memory of their names, their identities, their very beings, until they became that which they were told: niggers …” (Powell). This perspective of race highlights the main theme of the article, which is confronting the system administered upon America, rooted in slavery, and based on White privilege (Powell). Justice and equality for the African-American race is what drives Powell in ending…

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