The Realism Period Of Great Works By Henry Thoreau, And Joaquin Miller

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Literature pieces are influenced by many aspects such as perspective, time, and ideas. Time is a major aspect as it influences everything in these points and a key moment in time was the Realism Period. The Realism Period was responsible for the creation of great works by many authors such as Mark Twain, Henry Thoreau, and Joaquin Miller. Henry Thoreau was a prominent author in this period but died early within the age. Henry Thoreau’s work “Walking” adheres to the conventions of genres in Realism period, as how the author challenges the reader and tells reality.
The Realism Period in American Literature was prominent during 1860-1890 in America. Authors during the Realism time period wanted readers to look past myths, social norms, and prejudice to see the “real” world. (Burgess, Truth pg. 68-82) Some literature pieces told of beauty in nature as seen in Joaquin’s Miller’s book “Songs of the Sierra.” While others told of the brutal reality of society as seen in Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women.” The authors in almost all of the literature pieces pushed towards change and saw writing as a way to influence change. Even inventions helped show the “real” world as being gritty and unpleasant as seen by the invention of the photograph. Before there were photographs, paintings could glorify war, but photograph captured the reality and couldn’t alter reality as pictures from the Civil War stand as a testament. The time period is also called sometimes the gilded age. As under the…

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