The Real Meaning Of Easter Essay

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The Real Meaning of Easter
Jesus Is Alive
Narrator, Easter Bunny, Jesus, Mary, Two Guards, Simon, Nary Magdalene, and an Angel

Narrator: (Enters and greets children) “Hello everyone. I am so glad you all are here tonight, because I want to talk about someone very special and He is the real meaning of Easter.”
Easter Bunny: (Hops in carrying an Easter Basket)
Narrator: “Hello Mr. Bunny. Who are you and what are you doing here?”
Easter Bunny: “Oh, Come on Lady, everybody knows who I am. I’m the famous Easter Bunny!” (Hops around giving out eggs filled with candy to the kids)
Narrator: “OK, OK! Easter Bunny or whoever you are. Why are you doing here?”
Easter Bunny: (Chews on a carrot as he talks) “Well, I just heard
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(Shakes his head and waves his paws) No, I’ve got this covered. Easter is all about me. (Bunny struts and hops around) I don’t know who this person called Jesus is, but no one is more special at Easter time than me.”
Narrator: “I’m sorry, but this story is not about you, but you may stay and listen to our story, if you want to. When we celebrate Easter, we honor and remember the death and resurrection of God’s only son, Jesus.”
Easter Bunny: “Death and Resurrection! What are you talking about; no one can die and come back to life again. I know I am only a rabbit, but even I know that’s not possible!” (Munches on a carrot)
Narrator: “Oh, but it is true, listen carefully and I will explain. Let me tell you all a story which took place over 2000 years ago.”
Mary: (walks in carrying a new born baby boy and stop center stage and pause while Narrator reads next line.)
Narrator: “A baby was born to a young virgin girl named Mary. He was and is the son of God and His name is Jesus. (Mary leaves platform) When Jesus became a young man, He went about doing miracles and healing the sick as he told people about God’s Kingdom and how to be saved. There were many people who began to follow Jesus. The rulers became very angry with Jesus, so they had the guards to capture Him. (Guards enter from back of sanctuary with Jesus carrying the Cross as the guards whip and yell at Him) They placed a crown of thorns on His head and spit on Him, and they
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Lights flash off and on)
Narrator: “After a while, they came to take his broken body down from that old wooden cross, wrap his body in linen and bury him in a tomb.” Simon and Guards: (take Jesus body down from the cross, wrap cloth around Him, and place him in the tomb, and roll a large heavy stone in front of the opening)
Mary: (leaves)
Guards: (go to one side of room to sit and rest)
Easter Bunny: “Please, hide me, hide me, I am so afraid. If Jesus did nothing wrong, but being a popular person, and they still killed him, they might hurt me too, because I am popular too. Everybody knows and loves me.”
Narrator: “No, No, Jesus died so He could take all our sins away, and if we believe in Him, we can be saved and live forever! Remember I told you that we celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus at Easter.”
Easter Bunny: “Now, wait a minute, you are not going to tell me that after they beat Him and nailed Him to a wooden Cross to die. Then they buried Him in that tomb, and He came back to life! Be for real”
Guards: (fall

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