Essay about The Rationale For This Ebp Model

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Explain your understanding of the rationale for this EBP model. My time as a case manager, in a harm reduction program for homeless veterans has allowed me to have weekly sessions with a client for over two months now. The client is an Army vet with a history of substance abuse secondary to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In my effort to asses the client’s mental health on a weekly basis, I took notice in how the Feedback Informed Intervention (FIT), provided a unique opportunity for me and my client. Boswell, Kraus, Miller, & Lambert (2013) says there 's a moment in time when the patient and provider can look through a window together which the therapist and patient can catch glimpses into a unique world-view (Boswell, Kraus, Miller, & Lambert, 2013). I truly feel like the FIT model intervention has provided such window for me and my client while increasing the level of engagement from him as well.
Specifically, how would FIT be utilized in your practice setting?
Having build good rapport with my client in the past, made it easier for him to want to participate. While meeting with the client for our weekly session, I was able to explain the simplicity of the intervention and get feedback over the next couple of weeks. The practical application of the ORS and SRS definitely provided much needed clarity and precision regarding my work. My level of engagement and understanding of the client definitely felt deeper and of better quality than before the intervention. I…

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