The Rastafarian Movement : An Interesting Religion Movement Essay

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Rastafari Movement
The Rastafarian movement is an interesting religion movement. The Rastafarians believe in a monotheistic god known as Jah. Although they call their god, Jah they believe in very similar beliefs to Christian beliefs. Even though the Rastafarian movement has, much different views as the modern day Christian they share the same book for teaching. The Rastafarians use the bible for their teaching through their religion, but they have different names for god and the son of god. Rastafarians seem to accept a lot of the bible, but they believe a lot of the bible is miss interpreted and corrupted from human error.
As mentioned before, Rastafarians use the same book as Christians, but have many different beliefs. This is because they only use certain segments of the bible. The pieces of the bible they choose become the core of their religion. For instance, in Psalm 104:14: "He causeth the grass for the cattle and herb for the service of man." Even though this is a small part of scripture it becomes one of the biggest concepts of the religion.
The Rastafarian movement originated from Jamaica. It has many roles of different religions. Marcus Garvey preached black pride and has colored skin to move back from Africa. “The coronation of Haile Selassie filled many colored people with hope for political and economic independence. They even saw him and believe his Gods messenger on Earth” (Gregory 1). Rastafarian movement took the dread locks from the Nazirite vow of the…

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