Essay about The Range Of Being An English

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There are massive native English speakers and non-native speakers live in Britain together in recently. It is also able to hear different languages occasionally when people walk on the streets. However, the majority of people still use English as common communication languages in Britain and there are some differences between native English speakers and non-native speakers. Therefore, the aim of this essay is to examine the range of being an English native speaker in Britain can be considered as an advantage.

To begin with, it is difficult for non-native English speaker to acquire the English skills naturally compared with the native speaker in Britain. There are mainly two reasons are able to explain this condition. At first, the majority of non-native speaker already used to speak their first language in their daily life. This leads foreign people English pronunciation and tone often sounds like their first language and sometimes hard to understand by others. According to Maastricht (2016), the research represents that native speakers may distinct second language learners based on their "prosodic features", such as intonation, rhythm and utterance speed. Especially, the placement of "pitch accent" are the key source to make difference between the native speaker and second language learners. These can be the cause of confliction on communication if non-native speaker unable to use "prosodic" properly. Secondly, the grammar structures and word usage are totally…

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