The Rain Came By Grace Ogot Essay

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Love comes in many different forms. Each one has a different affect on people and each comes from a different type of person. In Grace Ogot’s short story, The Rain Came, love is the main idea throughout. Oganda is supposedly loved by all in the tribe and they all show it until the day she is chosen to be sacrificed in order for it to rain. This answer to the superstition unveiled what the tribe treasured more. Many different examples of love are illustrated in this story, fatherly love, love for the community over self love, and true love. Each of these has things in common but in the end true love wins.
L’abongo, as Oganda’s father, displays fatherly love towards her as he states to the elders, “There are so many homes and so many parents who have daughters. Why choose this one? She is all I have.” (241) This sense of fear that L’abongo has in his voice, clearly illustrates his fatherly love for Oganda, yet later on when he sends her to be sacrificed to a lake monster for the better of the community, it shows what he favors more. His love for the community triumphs over his love for his only daughter even when he stated “Taking Oganda away from them would leave two useless stones which would not hold a cooking-pot.” (244)The “two useless stones” referring to himself and his wife, Minya. L’abongo continues on, after claiming how useless they would be without her, and he sends her off onto a trip of no return. Within his capacity to love, the community takes preference over…

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