The Radio Carbon Samples Were Dated Essay

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Stratum 800 lacks cultural material, so it was uninhabited. Seven radio-carbon samples were dated, which gives this stratum a mean calibrated date of 100 BCE ± 100. Stratum 700 was also uninhabited because it lacks cultural material. Three post holes were cut into the top of this layer (features K, L, and M). This building was constructed during the time of Stratum 600, and none of it remains due to the fire that formed Stratum 600. Stratum 700 is given start and end dates based off the the Law of Superposition. Its start date is 200 - 1 BCE, and its end date is 43 CE.
Stratum 600 was a layer of ash filled with flecks of charcoal in all sizes. Its start date comes from a coin of Claudius. Claudius ruled Rome as emperor from 41-54 CE, so an estimated date of the making of the coin is 43 CE, the start date of Stratum 600. Southern Gaulish terra sigillata was found in this Stratum, and it solidifies the fact that the civilization that used to be in this layer was Roman. Boudica’s Rebellion took place in this stratum. The ash that made up this layer points to this, as well as the lack of precious items found in this layer. That means this layer was the city of Colchester. Colchester was first a Britain town called Camulodunum that the Romans took over and renamed. Colchester was first a Roman military fort. When the veterans retired, they acquired land around the fort, and a city grew very fast. It was the first Colonia, and was the capital of Roman Britain. The Romans built…

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