Essay about The Racial Tension That Occurred During The Great Depression

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To Kill a Mockingbird shows the racial tension that occurred during the Great Depression. To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee takes place in Maycomb County, Alabama during the 1930’s. The narrator is a young child named Jean Louise who goes by the nickname Scout. Scout takes the readers on a journey of her life over the course of a few years. During this time readers see many things including Miss Maudie’s house burn down, Atticus, Scout’s father defend Tom Robinson, a black man accused of rape, and Scout and her brother Jem attacked by an estranged citizen. The concept of courage in To Kill a Mockingbird illustrates how brave people can be. Ultimately this theme shows that through courage, one can overcome many obstacles and situations and learn to do what is right.
Jean Louise also known as Scout shows courage many times throughout To Kill a Mockingbird. One event that happens that shows Scout being courageous is when Atticus is protecting Tom Robinson and she runs up to defend him. Scout yells, “Don’t touch him” and then proceeds to kick a man (Lee 152). Scout goes into a very dangerous situation to help her father showing real courage. This proves that Scout is willing to do almost anything to protect her family. Another way that Scout shows courage is when she punches her cousin in the face for making fun of Atticus. Scout punches him saying, “This time, I split my knuckle to the bone on his front teeth (84). Even though Scout knows she would get in trouble for…

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