The Quran And The Islamic Faith

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Sticking to the ideologies of The Quran and the Islamic faith, I do not believe that women can gain more rights while being in the Islamic faith. With any religion, sticking and following their set of rules (The Quran) will dictate what the society is modeled by. Unless society as a whole decide that state rights come over religious rights, then women as a whole, in the middle east will not gain their independence and sovereignty. Having a culture of putting women in a place of a lower class than men, will not help in women getting universal rights. Forcing women to wear hijab, and/or a burqa is one of the most universal, non-rights that women in Middle Eastern/ Islamic countries have to deal with. Through aspects like the hijab and sharia law shows that the Islamic faith is one to keep women to not getting rights. Along with the hijab, there are other practices that it says in the Quran that will make it indefinably a failure for these women to get right. Having strong patriarchal views on women, makes things like honor killings, socially okay to happen. It seems like in the Middle East, family and villages rule over individual rights and with this happening, then females will not be able to improve their rights. Although I am not trying to say that their ethos is archaic, however many of the characteristics of this ““Patriarchal gender system” is pre-capitalist and persistent predominantly in rural areas from East Asia to North Africa.” According to Priscilla Offenhauer

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