Agatha Christie Analysis

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Agatha Christie, also known as “the queen of mystery”, has written over 70 novels and short stories. She is a well respected author, who has only been outsold by Shakespeare and the Bible. Her famous works have been recognized for many decades, and will continue to reign, thanks to shows like Doctor Who. The science fiction drama, paid tribute to Christie and her many works, in their episode “The Unicorn and the Wasp”. This episode builds its plot around Christie’s life by mostly staying true to history, but also by taking some creative liberties that may veer off from the reality of Christie’s life. Doctor Who uses Agatha Christie’s life and her novels as a basis for the plot of this episode. The episode starts at a nice dinner party, …show more content…
Many aspects of the “The Unicorn and the Wasp” are based on real facts from her life and novels. One way that Doctor Who stayed true to Christie’s life was by mentioning many of her real novel. Throughout this installment of Doctor Who, many of Christie's works are mentioned, and many book covers are even seen. One of the most famous novels that is noted is The Murder on Orient Express. This is a mystery novel by Christie that has recently been turned into a box office hit. Similarly, the episode also features one of the characters reading Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. This novel is quite well known. In the episode, the dinner hostess is Another way that the episode incorporates Christie’s real life, is by discussing some of her personal and social life. The show mentions the affair that Christie’s husband had. She married Archibald Christie, “the marriage was somewhat turbulent and ended in divorce in 1928, two years after Archibald had begun an affair”(Agatha Christie). This affair is mentioned by the Doctor, ”She just discovered her husband was having an affair”(Collinson). He says this to his partner when he first approaches Christie. Likewise, the show mentions several details from her disappearance that were in fact true. The Doctor states that “her car was found up by a lake”(Collinson). It was found by many that indeed, ”Agatha's car was found over an embankment of a lake”(Emma Mason). Similarly, where Christie was found was also touched on. The episode also mentions where Christie was found at. says, “Christie disappeared only to be discovered by authorities several days later at a Harrogate hotel”, which is almost the exact wording of the Doctor in this episode. The episode “The Unicorn and the Wasp” stays true to agatha christie’s real life by noting her real novels, discussing her personal life and affairs, and about many details in

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