The Qualities That Highlight Great Communication Skills Essay

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Leadership Paper To be a great leader you would have to have all the qualities that highlights great communication skills, a positive sense of direction, a willingness to listen, and a successful and progressive team environment. A great leader influences a group to work cohesively to reach an established goal. Any person will find themselves making leadership decisions with the various career paths they may have chosen. In the business world, a Certified Financial Planner may assist and lead their clients by providing a course of action with their financial decisions. A nurse manager may provide a sense of transformational leadership by being very encouraging and uplifting to other nurses when they are feeling unhappy with a mistake they made (Diane L. Huber, 2014). Regardless of the profession, leadership is interactive and there is an attention to the outcome of individual’s satisfaction.
University of Irvine receives and assists students from all over the country and internationally who need housing. I had the chance to meet and interview the Director of Planning, Research, and Administration of Housing at the University of California, Irvine. Her team consists of total of 12 staff members and senior leaders which includes the executive, assistant, financial, and capital planning directors. She works closely with the Assistant Director the most. Within her job description she over sees the administration unit which covers mostly the business aspect. As the…

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