The Pursuit of Happyness Essay

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Social stereotypes and Happiness
The Pursuit of Happyness


Instructor: Prof. Kristin Little
Author: Tareq Naseer Alsamarh

Social stereotypes and happiness

The story of the movie The Pursuit of Happyness directed by Gabriele Muccino portrays a family who struggles with finding enough money to pay taxes and afford living expenses. The movie takes a place in San Francisco during the 80s. The two main characters are the father Chris Gardner and his son Christopher, Will Smith and Jaden Smith respectively. Gardner tries to support his family. But every time he attempts to make things better, they always end up worse. Gardner in the story wonders on "how to be happy?" He earns his money by selling the bone density
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During the movie, Chris and his son never stay at the same place where they can sleep and rest. The son says to his dad "I am tired, I want to go home," and the father replies "I know son, I know" (Pursuit). This scene is a heart-breaking. Even though that Chris and his son have been kicked from their apartment and then from a hotel and end up in a bathroom then to a homeless shelter, he never gives up. Instead, it makes him work harder and take every opportunity he finds to provide the best to him and to his son. In San Francisco, they have shelters for homeless people where they can sleep for a night. Chris and Christopher go to the Shelter before 5 p.m or they will not have a place to sleep. Here becomes a problem which means that San Francisco lacks of providing enough homes and funds for homeless people. On the other hand, many homeless in San Francisco do not go to shelters. They consider it a dirty and unsafe place to sleep in. A chronicle staff writer, Kevin Fagan writes, "For many regular inhabitants, shelters are a warm place to sleep, a solid meal to eat and a chance to meet with friends" (Fagan). Yet, the homeless who refuse to go say that everything is not in a safe place is stolen. In a relation to the movie, Gardner and his son, when they get into a shelter to sleep, they have their own room which means that they are in a safe place. Their bags and clothes are under their sight, so it is hard to be stolen from them.

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