The Purpose Of Greek Mythology Essay

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The Purpose of Greek Mythology

Think about what comes to mind when someone mentions a myth. Most people will think about Zeus as being the leader of all the gods. They may even think about mortals interacting with the gods and goddesses, playing tricks on them, getting scolded by them, or even falling in love with them. It is true, those are all very important factors in creating myths, but no one ever thinks about why exactly these made up stories were invented. Where do these tales come from, the ones that our society takes so much from without even noticing? Greek mythology was created to explain why natural phenomenas occur, and also to teach important life lessons to society.
One purpose of Greek myths is to explain why natural phenomena such as why there are illnesses and evil today, along with explaining how civilizations adopted the use of fire for survival. One natural phenomenon that we have today is sicknesses and evils in the world. “Pandora” is a myth in which a beautiful woman, Pandora, is created to act as a punishment for humanity. She receives a jar as a gift and is strictly forbidden not to open it; however, she ignores her instructions and opens the jar. This is no ordinary jar, “Zeus had filled the jar to the brim with evils for man, thousands of sorrows and sicknesses that now hovered, some to attack by day, and others to steal in by night.” (pg 114). Before Zeus gave Pandora her sealed jar the world consisted of no evil spirits at all and it was…

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