The Purpose And Objectives Of A Business, By Peter Drucker

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According to the Drucker Institute, Peter Drucker has written over 30 influential books and other scholarly articles on the subject of management. His book The Essential Drucker is a collective of his best writings dealing with Management, The Individual, and Society. He defines the principle of management as something that will give “full scope to individual strength and responsibly, and at the same time give common direction of vision and effort, establish team work, and harmonize the goals of the individual with the commonweal”. Reading the first section opened my eyes to the different aspects, management has to attend to be a productive and successful citizen. After reading the first section of Drucker’s book, Management, I have concluded his three major points are: “The Purpose and Objectives of a Business”, “Management by Objectives and Self Control”, and “Social impacts and Social Problems”. These chapters are most essential to company if it plans to be successful in its internal and general environment. …show more content…
He says that the purpose of the business is to create a customer through marketing and innovation. He further explains that a business should conform to the customers and know the customers so well that the “product or service fits him and sells itself”. He later defines a customer a two different entities. He says that different business have at least two different customers, with different values, which ultimately defines the business. To constantly satisfy the customer this requires the business to continuously innovate and conform to the

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