Essay on The Purple Box

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when I arrived at my front door, there was a purple box with my name on also had a letter attached to the box. On the letter it said "if you dare open this box it would change your life."I wonder what does it mean" I said. I opened the box and inside was a cards with a pen on it. The pieces of papers was completely blank while one the pen it said "to make your fantasies a reality". Then I saw my friend pass by I decided to wave at him. His name is cesium.

"Hey whats up" he said "hows ur day going so far".

I immediately froze up once I Heard his voice "I'm doing swell" I said with a timid glad voice." So how's ur dog doing I heard he was injured really badly."

"yeah the doctors didn't think he would've made it
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"Hmm I wonder ",I started to look on my tree and there it was a candy cane with the candle on the side with some matches. I decided to turn on the candle since it was very cold .i had another wish on my mind I started to write it down. I was excited if it might work. I started writing down my idea, Then I heard the voice again

"a selfless wish is made, good karma is earned, a new lesson will be made,a new lesson

that must be learned".

"Could this voice belong to the person who gave this to me" I thought but I was too happy to even think of it. Then I walked over to my friends house they were celebrating and cheering. Even my friend gave me a hug, I was so happy even the dog jumped on me and started to lick me.

"It's a miracle my dog feels better" my friend said. Then I got up and then his dog pushed him on to me. I was so nervous I covered my face."sorry about my dog" he said with a chuckle.

"Its ok" I said with a nervous yet calm. i asked if I could be excused and went outside. Then I took out my pen and paper. And decided to write down a box of milk-bones.

Then it just fell from above unto the grass I decided to walk up to it and picked up it was a box of milk-bones.i went in and gave it to him.

"Thank you I think you're the best" he went up to me and gave me a hug. I got so excited that I sigh.then he pushed me away because he thought I was

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