The Puritan Experiment Summary

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The Puritan experiment by Francis J Bremer. Published in 1976 at the University press of New England. The book is all about the rise and fall of the Puritans in New England. The Puritans faced many challenges that inevitably brought down their religion.The main theme of the book is about the rise and fall of the early puritans in colonial era.

The practice of the Puritans are very similar to today's modern Christian religions. They believed that Grace was selected and not earned through working. This inevitably lead to the downfall because they were supposed to live perfect lives. People of the time didn't know why they had to lead perfect lives if their fate was already predetermined. Most people of the Puritan religion soon figured
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The Great migration of Puritans was caused by many different factors. The main factor with to help reform England and "Remodel themselves after scriptural form." (Bremer 43). They thought England was drifting further from the path of righteousness. So puritans thought the best way to reform england was to travel to the new world.. Another reason the Puritans left was to help spread the word of Christ to the Natives of America. Because their religion was about trying to save as many people as possible they decided to convert the Indians to Christianity. Some went for the economic opportunity of the fisheries in America. "Sluggish in the textile industry resulting from the distribution of the traditional market in from governmental blunders, the steadily mounting information these are all considerations" (Bremer 45). Some people went because of the relatives and friends because they didn’t want to leave them. "The departure of friends and relatives were awfully strong incentive for families to migrate. Even among the leadership group, such tires were influential." (Bremer 45). Although many people came for different reasons they all we're going to have to work together to thrive spiritually and …show more content…
Bremer and I thought it was a fairly good book. I thought this book was good because I didn't know much about the early colonies of the Americans. I personally think this book did a good job of informing me of the various religions, lifestyles, and challenges the early settlers faced. I personally think the author did a great job explaining his arguments. Since the theme of the book is the rise and fall of the Puritans. In all the different aspects of Book he explains very thoroughly about how the Puritans handle each situation. I personally think the book expanded my knowledge because I did not know that Puritanism was the main religion of the colonies. I also did not know the colonies were enemies with the Dutch. Some of the strengths of the book are that the author tried to make things very understandable throughout his book. Not only did he make it clear, he also gave great detailed descriptions of the events or situations that happened throughout the book. Another strength that was present was he had 10 to 20 different cited sources for each chapter making the information Valid. I also thought a strength of the book was he added a map in the front. Since I do not know a lot about England geography, it helped out. However there was some weaknesses to the book. I did not know much about the Anglicans or the baptists so when the author talks about it in his book. I did not know what he was really

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