Essay about The Punishment Of The Death Penalty

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Many minorities are either on some type of supervision such as probation, parole or are incarcerated. Deterrence is the use of punishment to discourage people from committing a crime. For example, in the United States in order to deter crime, long sentences, the three strike law, and death penalty are punishments that are proportionate to the seriousness of the offense. However, according to Glaser and Zeigler argues that the death penalty states have higher murder rates than states who do not have the death penalty. Moreover, there are states that give shorter prison sentences that have higher murder rates. The punishment is unfair when the severity surpasses what is required to accomplish deterrence. (Bernard, Snipes, Gerould. 2010.p.19). As a result, longer sentences and severe punishments does not deter crime in fact, it increases crimes. More importantly excessive severity becomes unsuccessful when deterring crime.
The severity of the punishment actually encourages people to commit new crimes as opposed to prevent them. For example, inmates who are incarcerated are living in prison and cells that is overcrowded with minimal space therefore it is creating violent acts due to tension, aggression, and stiffness among inmates. A theorist name Beccaria states there are many people have the mindset of committing crimes and additional crimes to avoid the punishment for a single one. (Bernard, Snipes, Gerould. 2010.p.17). There are many factors that United States is currently…

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