The Psychopath Test Analysis

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The topic I chose has been touched upon our readings and discussions while reading Ronson’s book, The Psychopath Test. A recent discovery has brought the attention to Americans being overmedicated with psychological drugs, some say that they may be taking medications that are not needed, which is referred to as Inappropriate prescribing. In order to find out if this statement is true or not, I have conducted some research on this topic. I have also utilized the following within this essay; research skills, internet sources, library sources and technology to produce if this statement is true or not. However, I mainly came across two essential websites, and one significant article. One website is a contradicting source to my other two significant …show more content…
The other website states that overmedicating adults and children with psychological disorders are completely inappropriate, and other options can come to a better conclusion. The third, and final source is an article by Vera Sharav. This article comes to an agreement that, indeed they are, overmedicating adults and children with psychological prescription drugs.
The first source I found is a website, by a convinced individual named Dave. Dave is convinced that we as the people who consider that Americans are being overmedicated with psychological prescription drugs are mistaken. This is a contradicting source to my other sources, because he mentions that we are “confused” about Americans being overmedicated. Dave makes an exemplary point by stating that many people react differently to these psychological prescription drugs. This article also contracts with my other sources because it mentions how
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Vera Sharav is a fighting for protection of human subjects, she first became involved with this situation after an incident with her teenager son. This was a very useful article because it supports the ideal that they ARE over-medicating American children. According to this website, there are many children being diagnosed with “psychopathic traits,” then in which they are prescribed the medication that could lead to harm, which is paid and supported by professional associations. Vera Sharav also mentions that during the 90s, a sequence of "mental health" initiatives have stimulated the idea that American children’s mental health was in a major crisis. Sharav states that children have been suffering from an undiagnosed depression. One of the facts I kept in mind, was that early treatment could become useful in preventing suicide, so that makes me come to a conclusion on why professional associates over-medicate their patients. Collaborators persuading doctors and parents that children 's mental health was a major problem and that "safe and effective" remedies were at hand, so their only quick reaction is to over-medicate these American adults and children, however, just like my previous sources it’s not always safe to do so. An investigation was done in Texas, where it was reported that 60% of the foster children had been

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