The Psychology Of Religion And The Psychology Of Religion

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The psychology of religion is one of the many divisions of religion. The psychology of religion is the application of psychology interpretive frameworks and methods to religious individuals. This is in the sense that religion’s functionality is that it (pg.3) expresses and serves many individual, social and culture needs. Psychology of religion focuses on the individual rather than cultures or societies regardless of the prior mentioning of religion’s function. It looks to examine the religious motivation, religious cognition and religious behavior of the individual.
The psychology of religion studies the human characteristics of religious individuals. It does not look or cannot answer truth claims of any religion. It can offer insights as
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It is that you cannot deny or confirm a truth claim in an individual. Whereas other divisions of psychology you can assign a psychological issue, the psychology of religion makes it unique in that aspect. Freud thought that religion was false and that religious beliefs could be contributed to a psychological issue. The overwhelmingly number of believers in religion show us different in my opinion. From the reading I feel like that the psychology of religion. The psychology of religion unlike other divisions of psychology should not be reduced to single sets of psychological principles. Religious and spiritual beliefs and experiences are too complex to be …show more content…
Religion could be seen as an all-encompassing word that includes and is not limited to the supernatural, non-natural, certain practices, beliefs, rituals, a system of faith, a worship, ceremonies, certain experiences. There is so much that can be added to the definition of religion. One could say that atheists are religious or is a religion for the fact that they believe there is no God or gods. Hockey could be a religion in Canada for how widely popular it is and the rituals, beliefs that occur. Religion is not just a belief in God or gods, it is much more than

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