The Psychology Of Attraction : A Theory Of Evolutionary Psychology

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In this research paper, I will be reviewing a few topics relating to the psychology of attraction. There are numerous facets to why and how attractions occur and why it is important for how people functions with one another and serves as an integral part of social psychology. Throughout our lives it is vital for human beings to be able to create and maintain relationships that can be romantic, kin, friendship, etc with other people. This is a necessary trait for survival. I will also cover how attraction is formed. A theory of evolutionary psychology whereas a result of how our ancestors had lived, with is found that men are attracted to signs of fertility within women; While women are attracted to aspects of men that display status. Another aspect is the Matching Hypothesis where showing similarities in physical attractiveness with one another, are more likely to be attracted to one another and to stay with each other longer. Another aspect related to this topic expanding on the Matching Hypothesis includes Similarity where people are attracted to those who are similar to themselves. Other factors in attraction I will be exploring include the Halo Effect and Mere Exposure Effect First of all to understand the functions behind attraction, we need to understand why attraction is a necessary component in the lives of human beings. Attraction stems from human beings’ basic need of having a sense of belonging. It is deemed that from our evolutionary past, the humans who had a…

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