Psychological Problems Of Abortion

Abortion causes many different problems. A woman who goes to a clinic and has her baby aborted is at risk for psychological trouble. Post-traumatic stress disorder sometimes develops when a terrifying event happens. Though a woman that has an abortion is probably pro-choice, that does not change the fact that abortions are very frightening. Even though the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, the federal government still restricts a lot of funding for it. Like Shimabukuro (2015) wrote, “In addition to the temporary funding limitations contained in appropriation bills, abortion restrictions of a more permanent nature have been enacted in a variety of contexts since 1970” (13). This is to say that even though the Supreme Court made …show more content…
The problems can range from regret to PTSD. Though Roe v. Wade made abortions legal, generally the federal government does not financially support abortions. Abortions are also dangerous. They are very traumatic as well. The kind of trauma women undergo during the procedure can lead to PTSD. This can cause flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety. The PTSD can even be so bad that it disrupts the woman’s everyday life. Also, surgical abortions scar the ovaries. That can lead to miscarriages in future pregnancies. Abortions are also cruel to both the mother and the baby. For the mother, the procedures are painful. Not only are they painful, but there are many different side effects that can happen from the abortion. Side effects range anywhere from blood clots to death. Abortions are unethical as well. According to consequentialism, abortion is immoral. In the consequentialist’s school of ethics, an action is deemed ethical based on the outcome it produces. Though it can be argued that abortions relieve mothers of their unwanted pregnancies, they leave the mothers with an array of psychological and physical problems. Therefore, based on its consequences, abortion is in fact unethical. Though the law now says that a fetus is considered viable as soon as it can survive outside the womb, the law is not always right. Slavery was legal once. A baby in the womb has basic biological functions. When biological life is present, inherently life is present. If the cells are alive, then so is the baby. Abortion is dangerous, cruel, and

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