The Psychological And Behavioral Aspects Of Why An Individual Becomes Radicalized Vary

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The psychological and behavioral aspects of why an individual becomes radicalized vary. Pinpointing the exact reasons for each individual is difficult, but with the research that has been done, certain aspects have been narrowed down. Religion, politics, family, money, and leadership are main aspects to why an individual become radicalized. Understanding what radicalization is and the aspects of how an individual becomes this way are essential if preventative measures are going to be put into action. Early warning detections, countering Domestic Terrorism, learning the psychological influences, and vetting efforts for the immigration process are just a few examples on how to prevent the radicalization and terrorism. Religion and politics are main aspects as to why radicalization is an issue and are main driving forces to terrorism. Acts of terrorism are almost always in relation to religion and politics. Religion and politics are controversial and easy to manipulate. A general point of view can be the “contentious politics approach, which implies a relational view in which protest groups should be studied in the context of their interaction with their targets, public authorities, and third parties such as the media and the public” (Karpantschof, R, 2014). Leaders of terrorists’ organization use religion and politics as recruitment angles in order to gain followers. Targeting belief systems of individuals is easy for the leadership of terrorists’ organizations. Being a…

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