The Protests Of The Cuban Revolution Essay

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Iguala Student Protests and Socialism in Mexico
Kanon Hewitt
POLI100-228 Introduction to Politics
Chris Erickson
Miaofeng Zhang The student protest of discriminatory hiring practices in the Mexican education system was inspired by revolutionist socialist ideology seen during the Cuban Revolution. The subsequent massacre of the protesting students serves as a chilling reminder that socialism has not yet succeeded in the state. The corruption of the local government as well as recent Mexican history and experience created conditions in which revolutionary socialism often takes root, and led the students of Iguala to demand socialist reform. Though they were are not classified as leftist guerrilla fighters as the Cuban revolutionaries were, the Mexican students possessed a socialist ideology that fueled the fires of their protest. Educated at a left-wing teachers’ college whose curriculum was influenced by the socialist education programs of Mexican presidents in the early 1990s (Blacker, 2009, p. 191), the students had organized numerous demonstrations that preceded the massacre on September 26, 2014. On the day of the incident, they had gathered to protest teacher-hiring practices that discriminated against rural applicants despite staunch opposition of the local Iguala government and the drug gang Guerreros Unidos (“United Warriors”) (Iaccino, 2014). The Iguala government exemplifies the corruption that occurs when the ruthless tendrils of drug trade seep into a…

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