The Protestant Reformation And Counter Reformation

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This essay is about the protestant reformation, the counter reformation, and the english reformation. The protestant reformation is about the division of the roman catholic church. The counter reformation is about the beginning of the council of trent. The english reformation is about the church of england breaking away from the authority of the pope and the roman catholic church. And instead sending out fliers martin luther hung them up on the church door. The protestant reformation is the division of the roman catholic church.
And it was initiated by martin luther and john calvin. And some other early protestant reformers in the 16th century were from Europe. It was usually considered to have started with the publican of the
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The spread of the gutenberg's printing press provided the means for the rapid dissemination of religious materials in the vernacular. The counter reformation is the catholic reformation or the catholic revival. The catholic resurgence initiated in a response to the protestant reformation. At the beginning with the council of trent. And all of that ended at 1543-1563. The counter-reformation was a comprehensive effort composed of five major elements. It also involved political activities that included the roman inquisition. The reform of the catholic by returning orders to their spiritual foundations . The english reformation was a series of events in the 16th century. The church of england broke away from the authority of the pope and the roman catholic church. These events were ,in part, associated with the wider process of the european protestant reformation. Many factors contributed to the process,the decline of feudalism and the rise of nationalism, the rise of the common law, the invention of the printing press and increased circulation of the bible,and the transmission of new knowledge and ideas among

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